Who is involved

Who is involved

British Columbian Principal: supervises all students and teachers within the British Columbian programme.  Collaborates with other BC teachers and administrators to ensure delivery on the standard BC curriculum.  Keeps in touch with students and their families to monitor success on the BC programme.  Prepares all the documents for the annual inspection from British Columbia, and reports all information as exacted by the Ministry of Education in BC, Canada. 

Academic Coordinations: take steps to ensure that the methodological tools employed in the education and general formation of the students are in line with what the School Educational Project envisages in these matters. 

Teachers and leaders: Educators with pedagogic strengths and ability at classroom management, sensitive to social issues and in a constant process of qualification and self-updating.  Over and above being an educator with training and experience related directly to her specific subject and in step with the values and principles of the Canadian School, her pedagogical approach will be directed towards a holistic, personalized and entrepeneurial scenario. 


  • Assistant Coordinator
  • Assistant teachers