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Educational Pillars

The Canadian School bases its educational work on five pillars:

A human being with principles and values

  • Development of affective skills
  • Values such as respect, tolerance, honesty, loyalty and innovation.
  • Strengthening of student’s intellectual and moral criteria. 

An educational project that helps the student to understand through meaning, this is why our approach is “Teaching for Understanding” 

  • Development of astonishment, curiosity and creativity to succeed academically.
  • Fomenting the ability to produce innovative solutions to difficult problems.
  • Pedagogical practices centered on the essential development of understanding. 

We form the future entrepreneurs of Colombia, students with an extensive entrepreneurial and business mindset 

  • Support the process of identifying individual talents that can help students exhibit themselves as entrepreneurs.
  • Development of an entrepreneurial mindset that allows students to be creative, innovative and willing to be originators of ideas to make this world a better place for society.
  • Promote the creation of viable business projects that are sustainable over time. 

A Colombian and international curriculum that will help students be more competitive in today’s society. 

  • A bilingual curriculum with subjects taught in English.
  • The Grade K4 to Grade 9 Preparation Curriculum: Preparing students for the British Columbia Graduation Program with additional subjects like English Literacy and Canadian Social Studies, taught by native English speakers.
  • From Grade 10 to Grade 12: The British Columbia Global Education Program, for students who meet the admission requirements, with subjects taught by Canadian teachers. Those who pass all subjects in the program will receive, after completing grade 12, the Canadian high school diploma (BC: Dogwood Graduation Diploma), in addition to the Colombian high school diploma.

With high institutional responsibility

  • Development of social activities and campaigns with the surrounding community and the municipality.
  • Social support conventions.
  • Social action programs with the involvement of students and families.

Our facilities and the human values of our employees help strengthen, from a human and pedagogical approach, all-around students with meaningful learning, that are joyful, happy, respectful and supportive of their classmates, their environment and themselves.

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