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The school transport service is not provided directly by the Canadian College but by the company Vía Terrestre, a highly recognized external provider at the regional level.



  • Payment of the monthly fee must be made within the first five days of each month. 
  • Students should be placed at least 10 minutes in advance at the buseta waiting point. 
  • A cordial and respectful treatment must be maintained with the auxiliary, the transporter and their companions, according to the Manual of Coexistence. 
  • Do not eat food or drink soda or liquids inside the vehicle.
  • Timely written notice of student admissions, withdrawals, and changes of address must be provided to transportation coordination in advance. 
  • For breach of the commitments made in the Internal Transport Regulations and the contract will suspend the School Transport service. 
  • For further information on duties, obligations, Parents’ Regulations and general rules, please refer to the Handbook on Coexistence.

Company information Via Terrestre

Mission: We are a passenger transport company with emphasis on the provision of special services oriented to the educational, business and tourism sector, employing the best human and technical resources.

Vision: To remain in the preferential place of taste of our clients and to reach them with national projection in the potential market, developing policies and strategies that guarantee us quality in the service, with our human and technical strength, by strict compliance and safety in our conveying activity. 



  • Braulio Gaviria
  • PBX 2798848 extensión 153

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