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Directive Council

Governing Board

  • Article Mandatory School Government. All educational institutions shall organize a government for the democratic participation of all the members of the educational community, in accordance to Article 142 of Law 115 of 1994.

Article Integration of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the educational establishment shall be composed of:

  • The Principal, who shall preside over it and shall convene it ordinarily once a month and extraordinarily whenever he/she deems it convenient.
  • Two representatives of the teaching staff, elected by majority vote at a teachers’ assembly.
  • A student representative elected by the Student Council from among the students in the last grade of education offered by the Institution.
  • A representative of the former students elected by the Board of directors, from the lists of three candidates presented by the organizations that bring together the majority of alumni or, failing that, by the person who has held the position of student representative in the immediately preceding year.
  • Two representatives of the parents elected by the Board of Directors of the Parents’ Association, regulated by Decree 1286/05, which establishes how parents can be involved in the educational process of their children. Decree 1860/94, Chapter IV, Article 18, which establishes the means and procedures for the participation of parents in the management of educational institutions and in school government bodies.
  • A representative of the productive sectors organized at the local level or subsidiarily of the entities that sponsor the operation of the educational establishment. The representative chosen by the Board of Directors, from candidates proposed by the respective organizations.

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