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The nursing service pays attention to students and employees on a schedule from Monday to Friday between 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m, except for emergencies and/or manifest emergencies.

Basic first-aid services are provided and, in addition, medical care is referred or transferred according to the patient’s state of health.

The nursing service has the basic elements for the provision of first aid, trained and certified personnel, is supported by the team of brigades of the Institution (personnel in training) and other external support entities trained in emergency care (firefighters, ambulances, etc.).

Students who require nursing care must have the authorization of the teacher in charge, present the agenda as proof of this authorization and in case of not having an agenda present with the permit card to go to nursing or a written permission by the teacher, this in order to obtain a better control in terms of absenteeism during classes. (It is not necessary to present agenda or physical permits in case of accident or health situation that requires immediate attention).

Medicines such as: analgesics, antipyretics, antispasmodic and/or antibiotics etc.) are not given. A student who requires to be medicated during the school day must present written authorization by parents and/or attendants with the respective medical supports including the prescribed medications.

According to the initial assessment of the patient, the family is informed by telephone, referred or transferred to the required medical assessment. When the patient is not in good condition to be in the school/work day, the family is asked to pick him up and the subsequent medical review is recommended; when sudden eventualities occur (urgent – emergent), from the institution the transfer is made to the corresponding clinic taking into account the severity of the patient, these transfers are made in taxi or ambulance service.

For students who received nursing care up to grade 6, families are notified in the F-BI-012 Care Notification Form for awareness and follow-up.

Students who attend the infirmary at the end of breaks due to minor situations and do not present the proper authorization by the teacher, they are given the attention requested, but they are not given support for admission to the new class.

Students up to the second grade (2°) must be accompanied by a responsible adult at the time of requiring nursing care regardless of the health condition present, either by general illness and/or accident.

NOTE: Students who require priority attention within the school day, either by accident or general illness, must be accompanied by an adult to be attended by health personnel, this independent grade (PK – 12).

Paragraph: When a student is in medical treatment and requires the supply of medication during the school day, the case must be reported promptly to the Nursing area, present the respective medical supports and letter of authorization of the family for the management and supply of the same.


  • María Eugenia Ortiz

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