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The School’s summer program in French, held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, seeks to provide our students with the opportunity to travel and live in Canada for a month, in order to interact in French in a native environment for an extended period of time.

The main objective is to provide students with an experience that contributes significantly to their learning and proficient use of the French language; to their cultural enrichment in terms of global understanding and open-mindedness; and to their personal and formative growth in terms of developing independence skills, character development and self-confidence.

The following are the specific goals of the program:

  1. Attend French classes during the week, with an intensity of 15 hours of classes per week, with seven levels available from beginner to advanced.
  2. Participate in cultural and recreational activities in the afternoons, with an intensity of 15 hours per week.
  3. To take part in real situations that motivate the participants to use the French language.
  4. Interact in French with native speakers on aspects inherent to the Canadian and Colombian cultures.
  5. To have a native environment that facilitates the development of the ability to think in a second or third language.

Program Description:

  • 15 hours of French lessons per week (7 levels from beginner to advanced)
  • 15 hours of recreational and cultural activities in the afternoons
  • 10-15 students per classroom
  • Evening activities from Monday to Friday
  • Lodging in University of Laval residences


The agency selected to promote and operate this immersion program is EduQuest. Their advisors help each participating student apply for a Canadian visa.

More Details:

    • The program takes place when students complete Grade 7
    • Registration for the program is done when students are in Grade 7
    • Program Length: one (1) month, four (4) weeks
    • Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    • Approximate investment: $5,399 Canadian dollars
    • Probable dates for the 2023-2024 school year: July 2 to 30, 2023
  • Probable dates for the 2024-2025 school year: July 1 to 28, 2024

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is closed. Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will start in September 2023

Note: students interested in participating must comply with all participation requirements set out in the School’s Student Handbook.

To learn more about the School’s Grade 9 Immersion Program in Canada, please visit EduQuest’s website, or contact an EduQuest representative through the email address, the cell phone number / WhatsApp number +57 305-243-5763 or the telephone number +57 (604) 444-7564 Ext. 7020.

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