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Psychopedagogy in the Canadian School


The Department of Educational Psychology of the Canadian School is a space designed to accompany the entire educational community in emotional, socio-affective, family and pedagogical situations. Through different strategies and programs for the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. As well as those spaces designed for individual attention. Achieving in this way, that our students develop skills that contribute to their integral formation.

We have a psychologist per section, a professional from the support classroom and a process leader, all willing to accompany the processes of this whole great family, the Canadian School.


The prevention and promotion program is part of different institutional projects that aim to contribute to the mental health of students and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

So, we have the sexual education project, the school coexistence project, the SPA consumption prevention and promotion project, and the life project construction project.

For each of these, activities framed in the school daily life and others directed where the psychologists visit the students’ classrooms are designed to develop with them different activities that promote the development of specific skills according to their age and evolutionary stage.


Vocational guidance at the Canadian College we work on it from our life project project; It is a process that begins with our PK children and deepens as they grow.

Where we want students to start a stage of exploration, self-knowledge, recognition of interest and skills; in order to acquire the tools they require for the construction of their life project, and why not their professional choice.

Between 10th and 12th grade we focus directly on the vocational guidance process. Within the process we carry out talks aimed at students and parents, focused on providing tools that allow them to know and understand what elements must be considered for decision making. We hold a university fair each year where we invite universities not only from Colombia, but also universities abroad. As well as visiting different university campuses.

And through individual counseling with the psychologist of the section, students have the possibility of accessing vocational guidance tests, conversation spaces with career heads from different institutions, internships, seedbeds and others.

All of the above aims to equip students so that they can understand what makes them happy, what skills they have and where they want to steer in their professional work.


The psychopedagogy space is open to all those students, families, teachers and collaborators of the institution who want to access it. Where our role will always be to guide, accompany and provide strategies to anyone who requires it in emotional, family, behavioral and / or academic situations.

Students can go to the office of each psychologist to request accompaniment or they can be referred by parents, group directors and/or coordination.

The psychologist builds a work plan according to the particular needs of each one and works together with the family, teachers and anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the situation. All of the above with the aim of promoting the integral process of each of the children.

They will be able to access this space as many times as they require and for as long as they perceive it to be necessary.

For some particular cases, it is important to understand that, within our school work, we do not have the power to evaluate or carry out therapeutic processes, since these are outside of our role as psychologists in a school environment. But if you are able to identify when a member of the educational community requires it and we proceed to make an external referral in that case.

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