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Institutional Horizont


We form Colombia’s Future Entrepreneurs:

Global citizens, multilingual, with a transcendental purpose and integrity, with an entrepreneurial mentality and the skills to create in the digital world. We cultivate competent leaders for our society that are highly concerned for the social wellbeing as well as for our environment, autonomous, authentic, critical, and creative thinkers.



All students in love with their learning process. Offer an education that is flexible, pertinent and that at the same time develops a profound passion for learning, undertaking ventures, contributing, and becoming a better person.

Institutional values

Your character counts! –Character Counts!

We strive on the formation of values in our students from the good example and role models that start from the adults of our community (parents, teachers, administrators and support staff) for the internalization of universal ethical values ​​that are based on Seven Pillars of Character.

Each of these pillars has characteristics or attributes that allow us to understand what is expected from people when acting in accordance with each of them. These attributes are values ​​and critical thinking elements, that shape each pillar and provide students with skills when making decisions, regarding their actions and being creators and/or responsible for their consequences (which can be positive or negative).

Good character does not simply mean being nice or calm; It means “having the strength to always do the right thing, particularly when no one is looking.”

Starting from the Character Counts program we articulate 3 objectives:·

  • Instill basic educational and behavioral values, ​​that enhance the learning environment and enable students to reach their full intellectual potential.
  • Develop fundamental social and emotional skills for daily life, which help them to be successful and socially responsible people.
  • Develop positive character attributes for critical thinking decision making.


Students believe that the dignity and well-being of people are important. They do not judge others by their personal or physical characteristics, race, religion, or political ideology, they understand the “golden rule” (treat others as they would like to be treated), they are polite, respectful, they honor the rights of others, to privacy and self-governance.


Students strive to be fair and objective, take turns, follow rules, give fair credit to others, request only what they deserve, validate different points of view and put sentiment aside in making decisions.


Students understand the importance of creating meaningful relationships by demonstrating ethical virtues such as integrity, honesty, keeping promises, honest communications, and loyalty.


Students are positive and innovative leaders, they are agents of change who develop projects designed for the well-being of their community and contribute to society, they are optimistic, persevering people, they learn from their mistakes, they have tolerance for failure, willpower and flexibility, they are committed to excellence and understand the importance of financial literacy.


Students take responsibility with their lives and recognize their power to choose what they think (including their attitudes and ways of thinking), what they say, and what they do. They keep their promises and commitments, they are punctual and ethical, they do what needs to be done, they protect others from danger or abuse.


Students include in all aspects of their lives the virtues of compassion, caring, kindness, benevolence, altruism, charity, generosity, and sharing. They demonstrate concern for the well-being of others by being kind, compassionate, and understanding.


Students fulfill their civic and social responsibilities, contribute to the well-being of their community, understand and value the rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution, contribute to the care of natural resources, respect authority, contribute to order, equity social and obey the laws.

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