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Curricular clubs

School clubs are an academic and pedagogical strategy of the Middle School and High School sections of the Canadian College, as an element that encourages new educational practices and strengthens the institutional educational project, to the extent that it allows our students to explore diverse areas of learning that are not generally contemplated in traditional education. This strategy aims to strengthen vocational choice processes, where young people from an early age begin a process of recognition of their personal skills and abilities, as well as their tastes and preferences in learning.

These spaces of educational confluence are generated within the institution and are given in the regular schedule of classes, providing a more flexible and adaptive learning environment that allows students to have diverse school meetings, where age and grade are not a linkage parameter. In this sense, clubs are spaces that allow students to plan and develop projects that impact their environment, contributing to their formation and thus enriching their life project. This project-based model proposes spaces based on discussion topics such as:


Science Projects


Projects of social interaction and practical life


Artistic and cultural projects


Sports projects. In this scenario, motivation is a fundamental element of the process by allowing students to choose and bond with those clubs that arouse their interest.

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