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Student’s profile

Holistic Development with Trascendent Purpose and Integrity
Digital Creators
Concerned Citizens with their Social and Environmental Responsibility
Critical and Creative Thinkers
Authentic and Autonomous Leaders
Global Citizens
Entrepeneurial Beings


As enshrined in Title 5: Of Students, Chapter 1: Training and Training, Articles 91 and 92 of Law 115 of 1994: “The student or student is the center of the educational process and must actively participate in his or her own integral formation. The educational project will recognize this character”. Also, in accordance with the National Development Plan 2010 – 2014, “improving the quality of education and training for the exercise of citizenship is the fundamental tool for training citizens that the country needs; a citizen capable of contributing to the processes of cultural, economic, political and social development and environmental sustainability; in the exercise of an active, reflective, critical and participative citizenship that coexists peacefully and in unity, as part of a prosperous, democratic and inclusive nation”.

What kind of student is wanted to train. It is not to give an account of the sociodemographic characteristics of the students, but rather to ask why the type of student intends to form in socio-political terms, values, attitudes and citizen behaviors. It must be in line with mission and vision. The student profile should not be confused with the profile of admission to the institution (preconditions for acceptance in the educational institution), nor with the profile of the graduate. Here it is raised in student profile while being part of the educational institution.

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