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  1. To implement an institutional management system at The Canadian School, which seeks to generate quality processes and, in turn, facilitate spaces for reflection and learning for continuous improvement in all institutional processes and sub-processes.
  2. To develop a qualification system that promotes the training of managers, leaders and other actors that oversee the implementation of the institutional management system, in institutional management practices that promote quality in the processes, reflection and continuous learning.
  3. To permanently offer an educational service with high quality standards, in compliance with our institutional educational project in the education of global, integral and transcendent citizens; with an entrepreneurial mentality and the skills to create in the digital world. Cultivating competent leaders for our society with high social and environmental sense; autonomous, authentic and that are critical and creative thinkers.
  4. To annually promote spaces for institutional learning from reflection, analysis and subsequent formulation of projects in search of quality and continuous improvement.

Gerardo Posada Cadavid


August 2, 2021