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BC Program

The BC Curriculum Advantage

Canada has the highest-ranking students among English speaking countries in PISA, the only standardized test to rank countries, and international students specifically, according to educational outcomes. BC consistently ranks higher than both England (home of the A-Levels) and America (home of AP).

Other major advantages of the BC program relative to other international programs include:

  •         being the only offshore school program to offer annual government inspections, experts to ensure that schools provide quality programming in an educationally supportive environment.
  •         the majority of teachers are native English speakers
  •         teachers must have completed a teacher training program in addition to the undergraduate degree in order to qualify for a certificate of qualification

The opportunities presented at the Canadian School are geared towards not only becoming bilingual, but bicultural. There is no greater option for students to get an international experience without leaving Colombia.

The BC curriculum challenges students to communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, reinforce positive personal and cultural identities, and cultivate personal awareness and social responsibility.

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