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The BC Program and the Canadian School

The British Columbia Offshore School Program began in 1998, and since then has expanded to 8 different countries, with 40+ schools, and thousands of BC Certified Teachers and Students. BC offers a world class curriculum designed for the 21st century with an emphasis on numeracy, literacy, and core competencies.

Here in Colombia, the BC Program has been operating since 2012. The Canadian School has the unique advantage of being the only BC Offshore School in South America, offering a Grade 10-12 program to mainly Colombian citizens. The BC Program is an international experience on its own. Students here are taught by Canadian certified educators, and they bring with them a lot of experiences from all over the world.  

BC Graduation Program – Grades 10 to 12

The Canadian School, along with the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Education, regulate the delivery of BC’s curriculum to students studying here. Students who attend Colegio Canadiense will have the opportunity to graduate with a BC Canadian High School diploma without having to leave Colombia. BC offshore school graduates often come to BC for their postsecondary education, but they have also been accepted into many prestigious universities across Canada and the world. 

BC offshore schools create opportunities for international relationships and global learning experiences. This is an important part of the BC Offshore School Program, which aims to: 

  • Enable strategic relationships and build economic connections with global markets by delivering English language education to students around the world
  • Increase global recognition of BC’s high-quality education
  • Provide students with the tools to be successful in life, professionally and personally, and to be leaders in their communities and global citizens
  • Create opportunities for BC offshore schools to develop international partnerships
  • Attract more international students to study, work and live in BC

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